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And the Winner is…..

Family businesses form the backbone of the British economy, and there are hundreds of them across the Cotswolds, in fact many of the biggest family businesses are often not recognised as such at all. As businesses get bigger to meet increasingly global competition, you might think family businesses are in decline, but we can find no evidence of this and our list of Cotswold family businesses is getting longer. In fact, the notion of a family business is experiencing something of a renaissance in these days of behemoth brands seeking the unique differentiator to drive us consumers to buy from them. Cotswold Life Business & Professional support big business, but we’re flying the flag for family businesses, because sometimes they’re too busy to do it themselves.

The Tibbetts Group Limited have been awarded the Cotswold Life Family Business Exporter of the Year 2015 in Oxfordshire, and adds to the 2013 award of Fastest Growing Family Business in Oxfordshire Family Business Awards 2015

Cotswold Life is a celebration of all that is great about life in this wonderful county. They publish an inspirational magazine for a local audience with content that perfectly reflects there readers’ lives and interests, showcasing and championing the best things about local life. Cotswold Life magazine is increasingly becoming the essential advertising media for so many businesses.